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Semi-Private Strength Training

Strength training at Push Fitness will help you get stronger, build lean muscle, and change your body composition. Work with our experienced personal trainers to achieve proper form and technique as they track your progress and help you hit your goals!

Coach Dan

You get the programming, guidance, and support of a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost of one-on-one training at other facilities. We cap our sessions at 6 members so that everyone gets the expertise they need from our coaches.

Dan Hoffman · Owner, Push Fitness

Coach Dan alongside a woman who is performing a dumbbell chest press.

Certified personal trainer · Small group setting

How strength training works

Strength training is crucial for overall health and fitness. Our approach to strength training promotes muscle development, bone health, and functional strength, reducing the risk of injuries.

A woman performing a deadlift in the Push 40 Fitness studio.


We meet you where you’re at.

No matter your level of experience, we’ll show you everything that you need to know to get stronger and change your body.


We develop a personalized plan.

Our certified personal trainers guide you through full-body workouts that are designed to increase strength and build muscle based on your goals.


We keep you accountable.

We take your goals seriously and know how to safely push you to meet them. We also know how to make fitness enjoyable and something you look forward to making a part of your life.


Real stories, real results

Hear what our members are saying about their experience with semi-private strength training at Push Fitness.

Headshot of Nicole.

I’ve been doing the Semi-Private Strength Training sessions for almost 2 years and I never get bored! The program is tailored to constantly push me and make me better and I absolutely love the supportive community at Push.

Nicole · Member, Push Fitness

Headshot of Shelby.

I never would have started a strength program were it not for the incredibly supportive atmosphere at Push. I have had the opportunity to work out with a variety of coaches, and I can honestly say they are all terrific.

Shelby · Member, Push Fitness

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